Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Did You Watch It?

 Teddy waited patiently for the eclipse.  I was very excited.  I had been waiting for this day for months.  I bought eclipse glasses 4 months ago and gave them to all of my family and friends.  They thought I was a little crazy but they were very happy to have them yesterday when the day finally arrived.  The glasses were sold out everywhere and were impossible to find.

 I couldn't take any direct photos of the eclipse but it was awesome. As it began, the shadows it formed were eerie.  At the height of the eclipse, it became very dark and the crickets began chirping.

 One of the cool things to do during an eclipse is to hold a colander in the sun to cast a shadow.

Instead of casting small circles, it casts crescents!  Click for a better look.
Teddy was completely unfazed by the whole thing and actually went into the garden room and fell asleep.
 On another note, my husband set up all of my Halloween blow molds for me.

When Teddy and I go outside when we get up in the middle of the night, this is what greets us.  Our minions.

Monday, August 21, 2017

2017 Total Eclipse of the Sun

 Are you ready for it?  Do you have your glasses?  Remember not to look directly at it unless it's one of the last things you want to see!  Do you know what to expect during the eclipse?

All life on earth depends on a luminous umbilical cord 8 minutes and 19 seconds long, the time it takes light to travel here from the sun.

During a total solar eclipse, this lifeline is temporarily severed. At the moment of totality, a tide of darkness briefly swallows the land.

Life responds instantaneously.  Most living things have biological clocks-constellations of genes, proteins and neutrons-synchronized to the sun's rhythms.

Many animals will appear baffled. People have reported that deer become restless and anxious, sheep stampede and bleat and honey bees return to the hive. Birds scatter and screech, or huddle silently in groups, as though it were time to roost.  Mosquitoes emerge.  Crickets and owls begin their evening concerts.

Photosynthesis in wheat, oats, peas and beans plummet to a fifth of it's typical rate. The stomata of some plants remain open "like they were shocked speechless" said one scientist.  The silent scream!

Earth's surface temperature drops as much as 13 degrees. The very chemistry of the air changes.

A momentary alteration of our planets relationship to the sun.

Will you be watching?

Personally, I am expecting the aliens to sneak in when it is dark and take Trump back.  We get the joke already!

Sunday, August 20, 2017

The Last of the Fair

 One of the things I love best about going to these festivals is driving through the country to get there.

 Being a city girl that yearns to have a farm, I can't get enough of the scenery.  Right now there are corn fields and soy beans as far a the eye can see.

 And sunflowers.

 My daughter told me she knows she is going to end up living on a farm.  YAY!

 I bought this at my favorite booth at the fair. Click to read the small print.

 The Ukraine guy told me he translated this from his grandfather's favorite saying.

 I bought these morels which he carved out of resin.  If I place them in my garden maybe the  real ones will be attracted to them!

 A small morel keychain.  I love mushrooms in case you haven't guessed that already.

 We bought lots of local fruit.

 And all of these fairs sell candy coated nuts and brittles.  Some are maple coated. My husband loves these.

 Here is the beautiful basket I bought.  All of these baskets have heavy wooden bottoms.

 And a quilt.  I love red and white quilts.

I want to fill this basket with rolled up woolen throw blankets in Fall plaids and put it on my porch.

Saturday, August 19, 2017

The Fair in the Woods part ll

 One thing I really love about these August fairs is that you can always get your Fall on. 

 I don't know where they got them but they had large wonderful PUMPKINS!!!  I need pumpkins in the worst way.

 There were lots of scarecrows for sale.

 These windchimes were made out of old silver flatware and cups.

There were lots of signs you could buy for your summer camp. Click any pic to enlarge.
 Handmade rugs.

 Ceramic toadstools for your garden.


 And brooms...I have such a weakness for a good handmade broom.  I walked into this fair making my daughter promise to stop me if I tried to buy another broom.  I ended up buying one for her. 

 This booth sold tablecloths, placemats, potholders, etc., all made from Fall materials.


 These weighted sunflowers were cute. It would be fun to have these on the porch for Fall.

 Jack O'Lantern burning barreles. These must look so scary at night when lit.  Hmmmm...time to get my JOL chiminea out!

 This was my favorite booth of all.  It was run by a nice guy from Ukraine that just happens to be a mushroom hunter specializing in morels.  He was selling some really nice stuff. This past season he harvested almost 400 lbs of morels.  I would love to know his secret!

There are always lots of pottery booths at these fairs and this one had lots of chip and dip plates for sale.  I should have bought one for The Blog Tech.  He is a nacho chip fan like no other.

More pics tomorrow and I'll show you what I came home with.

Friday, August 18, 2017

A Fair in the Woods

 My daughter and I went to a wonderful festival in the woods last weekend.

 They create a "Garden for Sale" at the entrance.

 Everything you see is for sale, plants and all.

 You can stroll through the garden and buy what you like.

 The tree carvings were wonderful.

 Autumn was everywhere.

 Sasquatch was here in case you were looking for him.

 Toadstools and more.

 This was one of my favorite booths.

I swore I would return to buy this wooden basket on the way out. I forgot!  Maybe next year.
 I did however spend some money at this booth.

 I now own several of these wonderful baskets.

 Click to enlarge.

 Most booths are set up in little cabins.

 This came out blurry but I thought it was great.

 Wind spinners made of copper and marbles.

I have lots more to show tomorrow.