A Quick Party

 Two of my friends recently got married at city hall.  They are having a blowout wedding celebration next year on Groundhog Day.  I am going to do a cookie table for them.  they wanted to sit down and discuss wedding plans and they also wanted to see my daughter's house so I invited them over for a small cocktail party.  I only had a couple hours to put it together so I made finger food.  The boys got to take home all the leftovers too.  I assembled a meat and cheese platter with some mango chutney and jezebel sauce.

 I made some deviled eggs, garlic toasts and a pesto pasta.

 Navajo cornbread and some small finger sandwiches.

 My daughter's new kitchen was the perfect place to do this.

It was a fun little get together and we made some very fun plans for next February.


Only you could pull together in a couple of hours a spread that looks THAT good!
Heritage Hall said…
Do I spy service for only 3? An army
would be sated with all those goodies...
Susan said…
You did this in a couple of hours? Is that even possible? As usual, a splendid array of sumptuousness! Where's Winnie???
The food look, as always, delicious!

I have never been to a cocktail party in my entire life :-) I don't think they are especially common over here or I might just have missed them all by moving out to the outskirts of the world :-)

Have a great day!

Linda said…
I love the display of food. While I have done similar things, it never looks that good and rich.
Rain said…
You are super woman to me, only having a couple of hours to put all that together!!! It looks fantastic!!!

1st Man said…
Oh how I wished we lived near each other!!!!
All that scrumptious food thrown together so fast. amazing.